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To the Cliffs

It's early mornings
and late nights,
it's long hours
of sacrifice

It's waging a war
to stand your ground,
it's declaring your case
without stirring a sound

It's closing your eyes
and walking to the cliffs,
it's trusting in instincts
your senses won't miss

It's faith that's established
by evidence and events,
it's gracefully accepting
what a sign represents

It's whatever it takes,
it's whatever we need,
it's why we keep moving,
it's why we believe




Double the Depth

Pushed to a point,
you’ll confess-
this footing
is temporary at best

You’re able
so you do what you can,
whether it’s plotted
or a detour of plans

Motivation is fueled
by a breath,
despite valleys
now double the depth

Strength shouldn’t matter
of forces in your way,
just the confidence
you can conquer each day

This triumph by audacity
means legends will rise,
in a victory over skeptics
and their fever of lies




A Speed That’s Unique

When down a narrow hall
and rigid path,
mobility succumbs
to undeniable math

Equations decoded
reveal pathways
of mazes-
an approach that’s exciting
by the questions it raises
Structures aren’t destructive
like a closed mind
can be,
as lazy thinking
dams rivers
from reaching the sea
The flux of moving onward
and then back,
are exactly what
tired tactics enact
In order to proceed
without parameters
or peak,
you need to live
at a speed that’s unique
The obvious will crescendo
like a concert
at its height,
sketching diagrams
in whispers
of motion in flight
A certainty is determined
for the followers of lines;
a sad march
through a lifetime
as checkpoints align




Further From Flying

People are a puzzle
that stay incomplete,
and this is never more clear
than with a new one
you meet

They're sharply sarcastic
and fast with a joke,
in defense of
an agony they emote

The selfish show
selective compassion,
in a curse of perspective
that curbs any action

The serene exude
eternal appeal,
as the frantic are guided
by a steady hand
on the wheel

The successful who skate
on a mentor's track,
shuttle on paths
without a need
to drift back

Some embrace guarantees
to address the unknown,
by reducing the odds
they'll end up alone

Those closed and cut off
from arenas abstract,
fall further from flying
while coils contract




Anything You Sell

If you want them to buy
anything you sell,
know what you can do,
and do it well

To accomplish a goal
in near terms or long,
you'll need to start fast
and then finish strong

For gaining esteem
without using force,
execute bravely
while staying the course

To advance and succeed
for crowns of new measure,
have clarity of vision
as a shield against pressure

And to end a beginning
with a finale unmatched,
remember that courage
is the thread that breaks last




Finish Those Ideas

He swears he's gonna do it-
he'll finish those ideas,
vowing he'll feel complete
at the time
when his end nears

He chases
all that populates
the materials on his desk,
circling in a cycle
that complicates the mess

He has intentions
for inventions
somewhere deep within,
or that is what he claims
so adventures can begin

A fascination
to forge mountains
stole his view
of what's below,
too blind to see the ocean,
too high to see it snow

He barters with his artistry
to extract
what may be there,
robbing his own vaults
for riches he can bear

Driven as he veers
and plunges without pause,
not yielding as he's yelling
at his talent
and his flaws

He'll say he knows
what he's doing,
and fully in control,
when really he is falling,
as his weakness
eats him whole

The descent he takes is brutal
seeing the faces
that he hurt,
sailing through the clouds
of concepts
he couldn't convert

Then right before he crashes
he wakes
from where he went-
an abyss of possibilities
he prays more days
are spent




Silence Between Noise

There's a room
with everything
you've ever seen;
a sum of details
from subtle to extreme

This is captured
by stars high in space,
as they radiate
where astronomers
always chase

And while suits are paid
to shape our choice,
it's the brilliant
who craft silence
between noise

With skill or conversion
flashes breach static,
where dealers of spirit
through innovation
keep at it

A moving intermission
is the mission
for these few,
as they sow noble seeds
blooming blossoms
in you

Advocates of notions
arch oceans to inspire,
with action or inflection
in a spectacle to admire

They market what they stock
to trend vital
in your heart,
with an index that allows
a prized silence
inside art





There's a mind
in a state of unrest,
wrestling with the gifts
it's been blessed

Stagnant on the border
of two sides-
amid appetite,
and compromise

The boundaries are blurred
for failure and success,
trapped in a limbo
by buttons
not pressed

Scaling sleek sides
panics all that pertain,
in understanding the chance
they'll be no acclaim

This is what fumes
in the belly of an ego,
drowning the frail
in the surge
as the sea goes

And like a body of water
on coasts of the flesh,
a calm cannot soothe
these waves
of unrest




His Voice Fills the Room

Like instinct
it happens,
the quiet is poignant,
attention sharpens
as his voice
fills the room

It is delicate
but intense,
filling cavities with stares,
where pleased eardrums
recognize a truth

There's significance
by intimate hints,
proving a box
is not bound
by dimensions

While listeners absorb
devotion discharged,
he's relentless
with reverence
and mercy

Then a spare blaring pause
these echoes cause
this was his plan
all along




Sound of a Score

A piano plays
in a cathedral
elegant as style could sound,
its octaves express
for a crowd
oceans completely surround

A guitar strums
in a stride,
setting the direction
and course,
fading while others emerge
then leading the charge
by its force

A bass shakes
marches off tenor,
spawning spikes
in the sound of a score,
while plates crash
in a tempo
as vibrations
tear apart the core

Drums disseminate
from a village
civil beyond naive belief,
where energy
is fiercely released
by the pounding rhythm of feet

A violin slices
with vengeance,
in a crosswalk
of rampaging hordes,
as an echo encircles the city
from the pavement
out to its shores

A saxophone blurs
with intention
in the gap of consecutive notes,
as beacons
illuminate a coastline
filled with channels
of boats

A cello prevails
in a vessel
carrying the last chord
of chance,
as the captain maintains morale
by steering
in a hypnotic trance

Electronics beat
in succession
where procedure
seems like a myth,
as fusion entertains a jury
in a court
where no judgments exist

A banjo lessens the distance
from a porch
overlooking it all,
where the country air
is tainted
by combat's hostile call

The choir clamors
with threats
in a havoc
narrated up high,
as the chorus abruptly erupts
with tongues
now launched in a cry

A singer breaks through
the madness,
belting out scales
in their range,
joining the fireworks behind them
in an apex
of audible exchange

A million maestros
wave their two arms
begging the flood
to rush in,
opening the doors of a cathedral,
waiting for the piano
to begin




Clouds Like Frozen Explosions

In gliding above
you see patterns
of such things-
bland neighborhoods
and the symmetry
it brings

Crops cross the country
like a chess board
of seeds,
producing for the masses
between skylines and weeds

Cities are diminished
in scope
and in noise,
until districts are models
and cars look like toys

There are highways
that weave to no end,
until you brush them
on arrival in descent

You see tides
that rage
without crashing,
far from beaches
so they dance

Blue skies
compose reflections
in oceans,
of clouds
in frozen explosions

From these elevations
bursts a light show below,
as humanity unites
where darkness will flow




Fibers May Fade

A passionate youth
matures with conviction,
and during that span
conflict with tradition

They used to own tomorrow,
never a servant
to its will,
and though fibers may fade
there are desires they fill

Limitations don't alter
what initiative invites,
when they daringly aim
at targets in sight

Internal markers are etched
on a list that's eroding,
as a scroll rolls behind
a sly smile
they're showing

As twilight unravels
they clutch what lives on,
fighting with everything
until their stamina
is gone

Experience is the key
to endure
what will come,
as savvy spurs habits
in journeys begun