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The Light

The years,
they pass,
and make a life,
from a darkness
into the light

Joy is a fleet
of fleeting sails,
coasting on shores
the moonlight veils

Floating in waves
and on crests,
riding flows
without mercy
or rest

Composed drifts
calm manic fear,
granting strength
any saint
would revere

The light’s journey
drives prisms
to shine,
coloring dreams
aspirations define




Any Moment

It’ll arrive
without warning;
a moment
when stories
reach their pivot

An achievement,
a loss,
discovery or an end
drown awareness,
if not then,
over time

Thousands of days
are whittled
to a snapshot,
slowly molding
impending regret

These flashes recalled
shall evolve, 
by the modest nature
of reflection 
and context

What is learned
carves decisions
and detours,
on a highway
traveled cautious
but firm

Wake up,
and look around,
any moment
may start
the rest of your life




Embracing Logic

Convergence prompts emergence
of a poignant event,
a time and place
where energy is spent

Seizing what’s mystic
and bottling space,
offers a source
of infinite grace

A sequential distance
parallels cause,
embracing logic
and binding all laws

At this very corner,
in this present state,
breathes a language
the bold translate

Beliefs may be questioned
by setbacks and pain,
while the tolerant teach
in verse and refrain

Those ready celebrate
prospects here,
meeting perils
in strides without fear

A struck match
kindles by its sparks,
from true marks
recognized as starts




Grow Apart

The air has rules
gravity controls,
with varying directions
as a person grows

Paths in the garden
climb for so long,
as fences suggest
where boundaries belong

The grains of life
spread among fields,
providing shelter
for fruit and its yields

Those guiding roots
to points we arrive
can mostly corrode
yet somehow survive

Memories feed vines
with a call,
catching drops
from canopies tall

Maturing ventures
induce a far sky,
but distance is bridged
the moment you try




Open Heart Surge

On tender fronts
lovers meet for war,
strong with reasons
but they stand
still unsure

Loyalty withers
with cries
as strikes pound,
in wide rifts
has found

No plasma spills
at a surge
in the heart,
just toxins
tearing arteries apart

The strategies are vicious
in the aftermath
of lies,
lusting fidelity,
partly paralyzed

The taste of torment
are blisters
in their minds,
where eclipses spread
until emptiness blinds




Comforting Peace

Clear in thought
with a tranquil mind,
no longer solo
decaying through time

Virtue is found
in a collective laugh-
a perfect freedom
they naturally have

Connections and kinetics
trace delicate nights,
cementing foundations
above petty fights

The warmth within looks
draws intimate guides,
like trails in a forest
or lamps inside mines

A comforting peace
steers at high rates,
ushering affinity
if sanity escapes

Both never stronger
or empty of fear,
as the only concern
is not cherishing each year

Clear in thought
with a tranquil mind,
safe from it all
in a life intertwined




Sweet Spot

Above her breasts,
below her neck, 
is where his fingers
now caress
The softest contour
that is her chest-
a canyon floor
amid east and west
Light to the touch,
smooth on the tips,
a sensual balance
between eyes and her hips

A leading sign
that accents her dress,
fashioning intrigue
for what comes next
Bare in view,
teasing what’s hidden,
injecting obsession
if permission is given




Human Brace

They work and evolve
for the good of us all,
and that is why
we can’t let them fall

Life brings darkness
and artists need light,
we must secure cover
when tensions draw tight

A radiant glow
begs patience and care,
as they’ll attempt flights
most wouldn’t dare

Barriers they’ll break, 
conventions they’ll crash,
and from what is destroyed
come pillars of ash

Restraints don’t stunt
to those who create,
because boxes are illusions
shifting in space

But struggles stay battles
without our support,
as fortunes of energy
minus promise are short

Havens we guard
are a brace for protection,
where venues encourage
beautiful invention





The power of truth
lives inside artists,
when pushed
they rally motion
for accord

Endeavors call
for illumination,
lasering focus
for the welfare
of the civilized

Complex concepts
are conflicts sought,
forging artillery
to release
when ready

Their message is a mantra
scoring impact,
as an indent
by a song
in barren hearts

Seconds are agony
when not exploring,
hunting notions
through scaling
the next range

Travel finds them
submerging into life,
wandering broadly
on refined mesas
for viewpoints

They counter rules,
don’t write laws,
but row fierce-
as Creaticians
in the rivers
of our souls

There’s revival
in a pause
of rushing loops,
where imagination
restores understanding

The instigators
blend quiet
to elevations,
knowing purpose
is collected
in open rooms

Debate awakens
uniting crowds
aligning chaos,
weaving sacred
amid a universe
full of signs