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Beauty Full

Do you see it?

It’s everywhere,
all directions
and every dimension-
the world is beauty full

To an eye unaware
of the surroundings,
lost is an infinity
of joy

To not appreciate
the brilliance
of life’s details,
is ignorance
of treasures
to be seized

With no grasp
or sense of complexity,
the world is still
beauty full,
despite the void
in your soul





Smile Request

I tell her
she should smile more,
then after a moment,
she produces
what I was campaigning for

Like Lauryn said,
‘…life is supposed to be
a pleasurable experience…’
not filled with a sadness
that anchors appearance

There’s too much beauty
not to smile
on a frequent basis,
and when she smiles
her trouble it erases

Filled with drama
and tension
from her history,
usually so quiet
her smile
sweetens the mystery

Easy with emotion
without reservation
for expression,
she should smile more-
not at me,
but at life
with affection





The Intrigue of Promise

It’s the promise
that is intriguing

It’s the combination
of chance and destiny
crossing roads
of opportunity
and circumstance

It’s the ‘why not’ attitude
that drives ambition
to consider scenarios
where anything
seems possible tonight

It’s the promise
that is intriguing,
and the hope
of an unwritten future





Land of You


I’m a stranger
in the land of you,
hoping someday
to find my way through

Wading in
the deepening sea,
between who you are
and how you choose to be

Arrival on shore
unsure of land borders,
exploration begins
of features and corners

Gently nomadic
amidst ravines of desire,
crusading on limits
and frontiers to admire

Declaration of passion
claimed in this place,
with instinct acting
as an instrument of grace

This estate becomes sacred
by sacrificing inhibition,
powerful and intimate
with boundary remission





Recent Games

life and love
seem like a deck of cards;
a few valuable faces,
but mostly
meaningless numbers

There are clubs
held together
by diamonds,
bold spades,
and broken hearts

Recent games
have turned the deck
 are there;
a lonely king
a fleeting queen
and the two of hearts-
they’re gone






Love’s Led Her


Through bitter winters
and confusing springs
with the bliss of summer
and the fall it brings

Love’s led her
down this way before-
a new location
with the same visitor
at the door

Years apart from
what once was grasped-
a grip on passion,
in the past

Love’s led her
to the current turn,
she yields in hope
of not again
being burned

Still everyday
it’s peace she lust,
deciphering motives
as deceit or trust

With answers soon
to materialize,
love’s led her back
to a road of why






You Are Reason 

You are reason
to do anything
and everything

You are reason
to enhance effort
at every angle,
desire improvement
on ambition’s
winding roads

You are reason
to humble beliefs
down to raw elements
of love, lust,
and the circumstances
in between

You are reason
to appreciate silence
and expression,
to marinate mesmerized
in the face of
amazement and beauty

You are reason
to allow the unspoken;
a quiet that would
make thunder
sound like
summer breeze

You are reason,
all the reasons,
moments advance
within love

Avarice For Love

Still and quiet,
I see emotion
but deny it

Not now,
not today,
what I think
I cannot say

Thoughts sleep silent
in responsibility’s bed,
I want to pour
from the heart,
but am forced
to act
with my head

I’d do anything
to dwell in her thoughts
as she does in mine,
this avarice for love
hopes that
two soon align






Atlantic Teal

as the spectrum
of life,
the mix of
blues, greens,
and whites,
coarse tans,
and fiery sky
tint the amazing space
of constant change-
an Atlantic teal

as the array
of emotion,
crashing seamless
as if seconds
of the day,
finite length
for infinite time,
never delayed
for a moment
of reflection

as the limits
of beauty,
falling into
the eyes and minds
unique to each vista
and memory
that follows-
and as awesome
as the ocean’s
colored soul






Empathy For The Versatile


As water drops
does it remember?

Will water
later recollect
it’s purpose in life
and what it affects

Does water question
it’s ways of change;
a constant transition
it will engage

Changing soon
where it fell from,
still in the ice,
gone in the sun

Bodies it fills
flesh and land,
essence of life
in earth or hand

Least resists
wherever essential,
empathy for the versatile
and nature’s potential






The Day Away


Hands casually
in pockets,
arms rotate free
within sockets,
good vibes
as the temperature rockets,
the day away

The loose fitting attire,
with an afternoon
to admire,
in the aftermath
of a snowfall fire,
the day away

Music dances
in wanting ears,
recreation shared
with cherished peers,
from a disappearance
of winter’s tears,
the day away

Trees cast beautiful
shadows on grass,
others out
for time to pass,
the moment
forever lasts,
the day away

Life pauses
as the mood changes,
a burning star
makes friends
from strangers,
all is fine
by what
the atmosphere arranges,
the day away






Audio Escape

it sets us all free,
chauffeuring our soul
where it wants to be

Escape into headphones
to a world
that’s our own,
a desire for solitude
and the hope
to be alone

Sensations of hearing
in a heaven
of plentiful sound,
a palace of freedom
that speakers surround

Audio consuming
dancing ears
and closed eyes,
securely protected  
by the peace and shelter
of HiFi’s

Songs are conversations
between noise
and your soul,
how life without music
would be prison
without parole

The outside goes silent
when music’s the pilot,
fleeing from fears
of terror and violence

Darkness of eyelids
protect from external,
as rhythm and symphony
kindle emotions internal

we become
in an ocean
of beauty,
as the songwriter writes
if they saw my life
and just knew me

When in need
of acoustic therapy,
music performs miracles
the eye cannot see

Everything fades
as the left and right
speakers agree,
an escape into headphones
is the safest place
you can be






Concert at Midnight

are the instruments
that influence
with their
various meanings
and themes

Tempting the night
to suddenly awaken,
leaving random fantasy

The grand symphony
of the unconscious
before dawn’s light,
is a concert
at midnight

Words are the instruments,
thought is the conductor,
and emotion is the detail
in each note