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You don’t know
your limits
until you try
and test them,
‘when will I break?’
becomes the first thing
that you question

From moment one
of challenging will,
everything fades
cautiously still

Unknown depths
of effort untapped,
unravels steady
like a coil unwrapped

Flares of frustration
fade to the distance,
tension becomes ally
you embrace
with resistance

Well past where
you imagine
you’d explore,
a serene sanctum protected
as if a soul’s

Near summits achieved
lay reality
to digest,
this zenith
is two-sided,
with descent
now the test

Vigilance tames ego
of footsteps
to advance,
what may seem
like a sure thing
changes by
the variance of chance

At this point
may dominate actions-
a mounting awareness
of location distractions

Fight you must
until all effort is spent,
though desire’s exhausted,
you must never relent

From caverns
of solitude
limits are realized,
as strength is so built
from every
challenge survived

Tree of Doubt

Roots to grow
from past conception,
reaching above
toward new convention

The branching complexity
of segment and limb,
umbrellas below
flush skies to a dim

The leaves top
the treetop
that dance in the breeze,
at the edge of anxiety
wavering with ease

Doubt stales
and dies over time,
withering away
what was born
in sunshine

In rising above
the tree’s in full view,
it’s one in a forest
we must learn
to navigate through





Adversity Lessen

It seems that
so often
a conflict meets
this certain truth;

It is not
what the situation
has done to you,
it is important
what you do
with the situation

Adversity is the architect
of character moments,
and a sight
that needs reflection
to admire

It is what you do
with the elements
you control
that matters

Not what people
think, say,
or force upon you,
but how you swing
your sword of resilience






Forcing Belief

The moment
where greatness
is recognized
in the distance

The pledge
soon after made
to strive
and dent history

The discovery
of given talent
slowly uncovered
through transition

The struggle
of rising odds
building resistance
to adversity

The progression
found in triumphs
creating confidence
in one’s ability

The chance
right here and now
where everything
lay on narrow lines

The challenge
to summon effort
for meeting current
once distant goals

The relief
forcing belief,
with arms raised
from the moment
of victory






Better Than Yesterday

On day one
you have
a valid excuse-
without yesterday’s
you can use

After that
will rise,
with a decline
of those
who’ll sympathize

From everything
something always
can be learned,
no matter trouble
or how many bridges
get burned

At full capacity
potential is set free,
to do anything
that chooses to be

Life is progression
while keeping
what’s important
in sight,
if you’re not
better than yesterday
you’re not doing
something right






E & E


Mental efficiency
toward precision,
through courageous thought
and bold decision

Advance in mind
by spiritual enhancement,
absorb through the senses
artistic enchantment

Nurture your nature
with cultural selection,
choose new beliefs
by educational election

Battle deterrents
of cognitive progression,
so acquisition of knowledge
becomes a constant obsession

Expansion & Evolution;
from mind
to air
to life revolution






Life is…

Life is learning
as the world
passes through,
adaptation for change
letting talents renew

Learning evolution
to expand every way,
from sunrise to set
growing stronger
each day

Life is giving
an effort
for a trust between two,
a bond beyond words
kept beautifully true

Giving donation
but not the loose kind or folding,
a reassurance of strength
for whatever hand
you are holding

Life is believing
there is more
behind eyes-
a universe to explore
and never compromise

Believing relentless
hope is free of delusion,
a desire for consequence
and positive conclusion





Metaphor of Family


There they stand
as a family,
by the attractions
drawn to them

to petty trouble,
protected by
flowing blood,
trusting that
through all of life’s
of numbers,
family still
come first

Together standing
as if they were
the pillars
of the palace
where power


Bold as if
a newspaper’s
headline font
that is held back
unless an event
is too epic
for words

and dedicated
more than
initial love,
protective of
one another
like a safe
with a thousand
armored guards

beautiful as
a flawless sunset
that lasts forever




Due To Falsity


Never thinks
of consequence
and is crippled
by this flaw,
seizes foolish moments,
with failure
often saw

Impulse consumes
drawn in by lust,
attitude influencing
words of mistrust

Set on paths
others create,
through ambition
in a fictional state

Has trouble
with mirrors
thinking they display
a false image,
for the last minute
it’s finished


by misjudgment
and resulting penalties,
has no sense
of history,
just what’s
currently conceived

Thinks pride
is always winning-
no acceptance
of defeat,
will try to please
at all cost
with morality
or deceit

of responsibility
is the weakness
of heart,
behind from
the beginning,
finishing too late
to even start






Isn’t It Amazing

Isn’t it amazing;
you can spend
years listening
and talking constantly
to other people,
and not truly hear
what you are saying

Isn’t it amazing;
how sometimes
truth is believed
not by accuracy
and relevance,
but by who
or whatever
the most noise
and glamorous

Isn’t it amazing;
the depth
of complexity
in this world,
as the quantity
of details
infinitely outnumbers
every moment in history

Isn’t it amazing;
the fear of solitude
halts any attempt
to understand self,
instead living
in the arms
of another
too familiar and similar

Isn’t it amazing;
the sensation of wonder,
a belief in philosophy,
and the mysteries
in every aspect of life






Opinion Division


Holding firm
in one’s convictions,
through verbal wars
and consequential victims

Allegations flame
on fiery topic,
focused in macro
or microscopic

An issue’s discussed
and over-debated
until all sides
turn aggravated,
becoming defensive,
then offensive
with missiles
of misdirected rage

This outlook
not stubborn
just secure in position,
aware of each side
in this opinion division

Anger resurrected
from set-ways
and old age,
ground is held firm
intensive and stern,
confident that beliefs
will hold true






Subconscious Revolution


Sometimes struggle
strives for solution,
with desire
for a subconscious revolution

So quietly
a sea of ambition builds,
flooding doorways
and crashing
through window sills 

Realization sets in
that things
need revision,
changed by thoughtful
discipline and precision


It’s now clear
will be different,
not always better,
but more
emotionally efficient

With time,
seeks balance
for good reason,
an adaptation
like the transition
through each season

A hidden cognition
that fights
toward serenity,
as we live
for ourselves
to keep pure
our identity






A Meaning of Life


And then
in a moment
of clarity,
a simple truth
became clear

Like the snap
of two fingers,
or the igniting friction
of a match,
a motive of humanity

I could hear
the discussion perfectly;
not the one
between myself
and the early morning,
but the conversation
between instinct
and logic

It made sense-
as if it were some
complex problem
that needed
only a moment
of distance
and reflection
to be solved


From this insight
a strong sense
of serenity
put my weary soul
at ease

Life was no longer
as daunting
as the ocean deep,
but within reach
of coherence
and happiness

The first time
this notion
was verbally repeated
to the bathroom mirror,
I imagine it was
as pure and strong
as a husband
telling his bride
after fifty years
‘I love you’

The only other
set of eyes-
a reflection
in the mirror,
saw determination
conjure revelation;

The most anyone could ever want
is to know what they want

True desire
knows no moral
or social law,
only instinct
for survival
from one moment
to the next

And a shame it is
that some never
wish to find
what they want,
because they are
dying each day
with restricting fear

The fear that things
will not work out
consumes like that
daunting ocean
onto the shores
of insecurity

The most anyone could ever want
is to know what they want,
and explore
what that
means to them