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How are citizens

supposed to react

when neighbors are slain

because they’re black


Pleas in gasps

fill streets in dissent,

demanding answers

by pounding cement


Despite Malcolms and Martins,

Michaels and Queens,

headway withers

if Georges can’t breathe


That we still need reminders

who matters is pathetic,

so fists rise up

to reinforce rhetoric


Boulevards are axles

bold with a message,

painfully painted

to inspire the vested


Vigils and vigilantes

compete for a cause,

both want awareness

in honor of laws


Cynics join hands

for rational request,

abundant in distrust

from inherent unrest


Justified rages of reckoning;

a consequence of critical questioning


Activists are dismissed

and smoked out,

from imposed enforcement

to establish clout


The militant maximize

voltage in crowds,

boasting angst

from boys too proud


So a turnout is viewed

different by each side;

some see patriots,

others see crime


A lack of atonement

makes legions erupt,

they don’t want revenge,

just what is just

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