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Wind From a Shadow

(For Leroi Moore)

Amid rhythms
a powerful sound-
air charged with beauty,
soothing heaven
to the ground

As flights of performance
blitzed rampant
to his right,
he set styles
for evenings
in the outskirts of lights

While assaults commenced
he sketched
careful projections,
as ambition met eardrums,
precise flair
was accented

Thunderous notes
hailed fierce arrows
in a battle-
a crescendo immortal,
by the wind
from a shadow 



Adored points
you lay
your foundation on,
are one day here
and the next year

Periods played out
in these rooms
of transition,
they influenced
who you are
and shaped
your decisions

There were friends
and others
you spent time with,
granting them entrance
to caverns once hid

In these walls
a few regrets
may still echo,
as petty missteps
attached to doorknobs
you can’t let go

It seemed
like a carousel,
filling memoirs
to come,
once close
and now gone,
as time’s course
it has run






Sum Distance

The distance
from silence
is what truly
divides us

We're fearful
and avoid
or chance,
as shy prisoners
to our frailty
and what it demands

The unspoken
says everything
in matters of importance,
as saying nothing
buys security
even though
we can’t afford it

The reluctance
to whisper
vital thoughts
in the air,
is largely the reason
there are burdens
we share

While the platform
grows larger
risk also expands,
as hesitation prevents
the forward motion
of plans

With a step out of line
a rush of anxiety
as the sum
of that length
is the only distance
that counts






Passion Sans Action

Those swift to complain
things are imperfect,
skip uninformed stones
ignoring the depth
of the surface

Full of vigor
and passion
that never stirs action,
they become
fiends for revolution,
fueled by overreaction

Not seeing a change
in their life
promotes disillusion,
as puppeteers polarize
with elaborate moves
of confusion

While grinding
among gears
for survival and means,
they feel
the one percent
bandage up,
as the other
ninety-nine bleeds

So reckless
they swing
hollow pillars
of opinion,
blind to all sides
of an argument,
and get lost
when within one

That’s the problem
with their claim-
not having
the clarity to see,
things do  need fixing,
but first
passion and action
must agree






Man Unkind

Our lust for consumption
is more than it seems,
as the thirst
of mankind
defines what
consequence means

Though some innovate
with desperation
to prosper,
populations exhaust
what this home
can now offer

Soaring societies
push supply
to new heights,
while bottom lines
misguide us
as this globe
is sacrificed

The pursuit is high
for the soil
and it’s treasures,
with the aim
to set standards
through any
necessary measures

As dark gold
triggers doom
terrain becomes prey,
in the hunt      
for what's buried
and mined
the next day

bring hard times,
but not to the buyer
or producer,
it's the atmosphere
that's burdened
when loopholes
become looser

Industrial showers
are blusters
that blanket throughout,
from rolling tides
of pollution,
to heat waves
and drought

History is burned
with the genocide
of forests,
as the uninvited
brand areas
like a tour bus
of tourists

Slow trauma
affects channels
as mighty waters divert,
creating banks
without interest
for the poorest
it hurts

Defrosted realms
the process of order,
while warmed oceans
stir disaster
as calm seasons
grow shorter

Calls for duty
are widespread
with sparse feats
that ensue,
as listeners assume
there's a supply
of days
to work through

As one hand recycles
the other one wastes,
furthering an imbalance,
of a landfill's estate

Clashing habits
cloud commitment
between concern
and convenience,
and instead
of a panic,
it’s a race
to who’s greenest

Not just progress
and programs
can solve problems
we've created,
a genuine effort
is needed
to mend a world






Cold Wooden Doors

Behind cold wooden doors
numerous plans
as selections are crafted
by governing hands

There’s hope
every option
is weighed,
not which lavish hand
will best be paid

In the company of few
are bridges of choice-
and vision
proclaimed in one voice

As daring leaders
attempt tremendous things,
they brace the rest
for the reaction
it brings

They're bold steps
in a staircase
that spirals unique,
then pitched
to it’s audience
through swaying technique

Trust is digested
in portions
integrity permits,
and while diligence
critiques guidance,
results intermix

Stoic rooms
and the voices
that vibrate in chapter,
are footprints to follow
of parades
that come after

Converged roads
veer to paths
now provided,
behind cold wooden doors
where the future
is decided






Legacy Bullets

Dense stories
in brief facts,
are legacy bullets
in the perspective
they lack

Bodies of work
are stripped down
to bare bones,
leaving phrases behind
etched in books
or on stones

Decades spent building
reputation and respect,
are whittled to points
with eternal effect

Last impressions
span lifetimes
in chronicle and legend,
defining value
in connotation
when something
is mentioned

A ‘one who did that’
or ‘they’re known for this,’
while the rest
of their life
the historians miss

Achievement can vanish
in a moment’s blur,
crafting scars
on a timeline
as allegations occur

The devastation of status
by a few words
or actions,
lures common conclusions
from immediate reactions

We must consider
and understand
the larger view,
not just legacy bullets
that will be fired
at you






Con Sequence

Greed incites plots
without warning shots,
as profiteers blend
among shadows

Chaos and fear
manufactures a chance
that sinister agendas
will soon advance

From malicious wishes
come senseless dynamics-
a plan put in motion
so that everyone panics

With directives repeated
like a chorus in song,
stark end games unravel
while the rest sing along

We're embedded
in a scheme
beyond the option
to revise,
as minds once sanitary
are now vandalized

Sifting through opinions
can stunt ambitions,
casting suspicion
of any approaching

By now
lies are entangled
in truth,
and either one
discredits anything
you can prove

Choosing sides
draws dissent
with the other,
as arguments escalate
that contradict
one another

is a distraction
of what the influential
are doing,
and they’ll keep winning
until it's realized
we’re losing





Press Control, Alternative Deletion

How often
do you question
what you believe,
as doubt
dawns scrutiny
of information

In early stages
forceful views
are ingrained,
invading ears
too naïve
to abstain

If it benefits
their cause,
they’ll march
without pause,
to extend
their mission
upon you

An endeavor
through devotion
shape beliefs
now in reach,
a translation
of principles
that no tenet
can teach

As convictions build
and grow stronger
in command,
it's what's left
to influence
that stays
high in demand

Companies consort
to condense
all our choices,
toward aisles narrated
by their carefully
placed voices

We're evaluated
each moment
for profits to win,
while sometimes
only mattering
in what demo
you're in

Plotted on charts
by sex, age,
and income,
they bank
on a formula
their next customer
you’ll become

The new pollution
is promotion
staining streets
and our eyes,
conditioning our mind
even more
than we realize

With control
of the press
and media intake,
comes the deletion
of alternatives
and verdicts to make