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To the Cliffs

It's early mornings
and late nights,
it's long hours
of sacrifice

It's waging a war
to stand your ground,
it's declaring your case
without stirring a sound

It's closing your eyes
and walking to the cliffs,
it's trusting in instincts
your senses won't miss

It's faith that's established
by evidence and events,
it's gracefully accepting
what a sign represents

It's whatever it takes,
it's whatever we need,
it's why we keep moving,
it's why we believe






Double the Depth

Pushed to a point,
you’ll confess-
this footing
is temporary at best

You’re able
so you do what you can,
whether it’s plotted
or a detour of plans

Motivation is fueled
by a breath,
despite valleys
now double the depth

Strength shouldn’t matter
of forces in your way,
just the confidence
you can conquer each day

This triumph by audacity
means legends will rise,
in a victory over skeptics
and their fever of lies






A Speed That’s Unique

When down a narrow hall
and rigid path,
mobility succumbs
to undeniable math

Equations decoded
reveal pathways
of mazes-
an approach that’s exciting
by the questions it raises
Structures aren’t destructive
like a closed mind
can be,
as lazy thinking
dams rivers
from reaching the sea
The flux of moving onward
and then back,
are exactly what
tired tactics enact
In order to proceed
without parameters
or peak,
you need to live
at a speed that’s unique
The obvious will crescendo
like a concert
at its height,
sketching diagrams
in whispers
of motion in flight
A certainty is determined
for the followers of lines;
a sad march
through a lifetime
as checkpoints align






Further From Flying

People are a puzzle
that stay incomplete,
and this is never more clear
than with a new one
you meet

They're sharply sarcastic
and fast with a joke,
in defense of
an agony they emote

The selfish show
selective compassion,
in a curse of perspective
that curbs any action

The serene exude
eternal appeal,
as the frantic are guided
by a steady hand
on the wheel

The successful who skate
on a mentor's track,
shuttle on paths
without a need
to drift back

Some embrace guarantees
to address the unknown,
by reducing the odds
they'll end up alone

Those closed and cut off
from arenas abstract,
fall further from flying
while coils contract






Anything You Sell

If you want them to buy
anything you sell,
know what you can do,
and do it well

To accomplish a goal
in near terms or long,
you'll need to start fast
and then finish strong

For gaining esteem
without using force,
execute bravely
while staying the course

To advance and succeed
for crowns of new measure,
have clarity of vision
as a shield against pressure

And to end a beginning
with a finale unmatched,
remember that courage
is the thread that breaks last






Finish Those Ideas

He swears he's gonna do it-
he'll finish those ideas,
vowing he'll feel complete
at the time
when his end nears

He chases
all that populates
the materials on his desk,
circling in a cycle
that complicates the mess

He has intentions
for inventions
somewhere deep within,
or that is what he claims
so adventures can begin

A fascination
to forge mountains
stole his view
of what's below,
too blind to see the ocean,
too high to see it snow

He barters with his artistry
to extract
what may be there,
robbing his own vaults
for riches he can bear

Driven as he veers
and plunges without pause,
not yielding as he's yelling
at his talent
and his flaws

He'll say he knows
what he's doing,
and fully in control,
when really he is falling,
as his weakness
eats him whole

The descent he takes is brutal
seeing the faces
that he hurt,
sailing through the clouds
of concepts
he couldn't convert

Then right before he crashes
he wakes
from where he went-
an abyss of possibilities
he prays more days
are spent






Silence Between Noise

There's a room
with everything
you've ever seen;
a sum of details
from subtle to extreme

This is captured
by stars high in space,
as they radiate
where astronomers
always chase

And while suits are paid
to shape our choice,
it's the brilliant
who craft silence
between noise

With skill or conversion
flashes breach static,
where dealers of spirit
through innovation
keep at it

A moving intermission
is the mission
for these few,
as they sow noble seeds
blooming blossoms
in you

Advocates of notions
arch oceans to inspire,
with action or inflection
in a spectacle to admire

They market what they stock
to trend vital
in your heart,
with an index that allows
a prized silence
inside art







There's a mind
in a state of unrest,
wrestling with the gifts
it's been blessed

Stagnant on the border
of two sides-
amid appetite,
and compromise

The boundaries are blurred
for failure and success,
trapped in a limbo
by buttons
not pressed

Scaling sleek sides
panics all that pertain,
in understanding the chance
they'll be no acclaim

This is what fumes
in the belly of an ego,
drowning the frail
in the surge
as the sea goes

And like a body of water
on coasts of the flesh,
a calm cannot soothe
these waves
of unrest






His Voice Fills the Room

Like instinct
it happens,
the quiet is poignant,
attention sharpens
as his voice
fills the room

It is delicate
but intense,
filling cavities with stares,
where pleased eardrums
recognize a truth

There's significance
by intimate hints,
proving a box
is not bound
by dimensions

While listeners absorb
devotion discharged,
he's relentless
with reverence
and mercy

Then a spare blaring pause
these echoes cause
this was his plan
all along






Sound of a Score

A piano plays
in a cathedral
elegant as style could sound,
its octaves express
for a crowd
oceans completely surround

A guitar strums
in a stride,
setting the direction
and course,
fading while others emerge
then leading the charge
by its force

A bass shakes
marches off tenor,
spawning spikes
in the sound of a score,
while plates crash
in a tempo
as vibrations
tear apart the core

Drums disseminate
from a village
civil beyond naive belief,
where energy
is fiercely released
by the pounding rhythm of feet

A violin slices
with vengeance,
in a crosswalk
of rampaging hordes,
as an echo encircles the city
from the pavement
out to its shores

A saxophone blurs
with intention
in the gap of consecutive notes,
as beacons
illuminate a coastline
filled with channels
of boats

A cello prevails
in a vessel
carrying the last chord
of chance,
as the captain maintains morale
by steering
in a hypnotic trance

Electronics beat
in succession
where procedure
seems like a myth,
as fusion entertains a jury
in a court
where no judgments exist

A banjo lessens the distance
from a porch
overlooking it all,
where the country air
is tainted
by combat's hostile call

The choir clamors
with threats
in a havoc
narrated up high,
as the chorus abruptly erupts
with tongues
now launched in a cry

A singer breaks through
the madness,
belting out scales
in their range,
joining the fireworks behind them
in an apex
of audible exchange

A million maestros
wave their two arms
begging the flood
to rush in,
opening the doors of a cathedral,
waiting for the piano
to begin






Clouds Like Frozen Explosions

In gliding above
you see patterns
of such things-
bland neighborhoods
and the symmetry
it brings

Crops cross the country
like a chess board
of seeds,
producing for the masses
between skylines and weeds

Cities are diminished
in scope
and in noise,
until districts are models
and cars look like toys

There are highways
that weave to no end,
until you brush them
on arrival in descent

You see tides
that rage
without crashing,
far from beaches
so they dance

Blue skies
compose reflections
in oceans,
of clouds
in frozen explosions

From these elevations
bursts a light show below,
as humanity unites
where darkness will flow






Fibers May Fade

A passionate youth
matures with conviction,
and during that span
conflict with tradition

They used to own tomorrow,
never a servant
to its will,
and though fibers may fade
there are desires they fill

Limitations don't alter
what initiative invites,
when they daringly aim
at targets in sight

Internal markers are etched
on a list that's eroding,
as a scroll rolls behind
a sly smile
they're showing

As twilight unravels
they clutch what lives on,
fighting with everything
until their stamina
is gone

Experience is the key
to endure
what will come,
as savvy spurs habits
in journeys begun




Faith Expectations

The population depends
on networks unknown,
where rewards
for faith are rarely shown

Society's bonds
are built between beings,
who fail to evolve
outside the complex
of machines

This reliance enables
production to carry forth,
as integrity
is escorted miles off course

As we hire these experts
to guard our estate,
they tilt crooked scales
with hollow weight

Yet we wish optimistic
ideals will hold,
that's what’s expected
'cause that's
what we were told

We don't ask much-
just that promises are kept,
and there's no scandals
while objectives are met

These conflicting principles
prevent sanity to enlist,
in epic deceptions
that by faith still exist






Burn the Casino

September is a dark month
for two districts;
the financial,
and their addictions

It was the gleam
that amused
makers with means,
and a glow
blinding bundlers
of liens

The incentive
to immerse
in forecast and risk,
taunts hustlers
to develop new tricks

We should burn the casino
and never rebuild,
as the flash
and the stacks
keep the poker room

Take all the dealers,
the bosses
and their kind,
and force a fair hand
with an exchange
to unwind

The games we granted
housed rules
they all wrote,
because we are pawns
with soft views
as we vote

Donkeys, elephants-
they're both on the hunt,
stalking for stakes
in granite jungles
we fund

On the blocks and banks
where legal burglars
bust standards,
customers line tables
as willing fools
and bystanders

As black becomes red
in deals they can’t afford,
numbers are bent
to reconfigure the board

The vice and the sin
stain neighborhoods
as a blight,
while barons and felons
roll the dice
every night

There's a roar
when they hit,
and quiet with mistakes,
knowing this system
is too fixed to break






Our Mistakes and Their Future

It's the brutal nature
of staging multiple wars,
against our enemies
or by democracy's whores

This river of money
makes the powerful weak,
spending most of their tour
framing terms they can seek

Those “citizens” united
join numbers to infect-
a cancer in the culture
our charter won’t protect

As puppets they dance
without gravity in their strings,
so they tangle too easy
on the extremes of two wings

They'll state they are here
for families and their cause,
yet all they do is exploit
procedural flaws

Those reckless victories
lack the humanity we need,
and while they drone on
the working class bleeds

It's more than the present
pathetic idiots affect,
when we impair generations
with the fools we elect

Our mistakes and their future
are fused at the tip,
braided in a battle
by a minority's whip

These lapses will reverb
in the ashes of collapse,
as the latest example
of how empires don't last






Uncivil War

Somehow we forgot
the beauty of debate,
as volumes exploded
in a world wide estate

There used to be civility,
there used to be respect,
these days you sew arguments
with select dots
you connect

It's not allowing the details
to stunt a great tale,
it’s just stating your case
to close the sale

What happened
to disagreeing
and leaving it at that,
now revenge
is the reflex
when aggressors combat

It's healthy to discuss
the issues of the day,
then listening,
not plotting
the next statement
you’ll say

Believe it or not
you won't always be right,
and anxiety of that
shouldn't prompt you
to fight

This can stop
if we start
to act with some grace,
so we seek to converse
but with manners
in place






Second Thoughts

Are we not sick
of the armed
endangering our streets,
distorting the Second
behind lobby elites

Quotes out of context
as the basis for decisions,
twist what the framers
originally envisioned

Lines that are drawn
by those tasked
with this cause,
employ what they must
for the authors of laws

Their conventions and shows
push agendas of violence,
while those who could stop them
interpret outcry
with silence

The coldness that lies
within a few disillusioned,
explodes in a storm
when they don't find inclusion

A wrath of the unstable
is easier to attain,
when an industry’s pockets
benefit from their pain

Where there's profit,
there's failure
for the interests of the rest,
because as long
as there's fear,
false militias will invest

When did apathy
trump empathy
for mankind
and its splendor,
as resentment
kills solace
we forget to remember

In the flashes we care
comes overreaction
that’s fleeting,
as if the only two options
are suffocation
or breathing

Where are we headed
without a reversal
of this trend,
but to a crisis created
by the refusal to amend






Casualties of the Curse

Imagine you're in a tower
on a Tuesday
after the turn,
and then a moment later
the floors beneath you

Imagine you're a teacher
in an unassuming town,
when madness
slays the future
of innocence shot down

Imagine you're enjoying
a mix of sport
and spring,
until cowards leave behind
an end
of virtuous things

Imagine you're a hostage
under a tyrant
and his whim-
an exile from the world
you can't participate in

Imagine you have fear
death could come each day,
living for beliefs
despite the price
that you may pay

Imagine you're a citizen
amidst drug cartels
and hell,
numb to all the violence
and misery they sell

Imagine you're a child
too nonexistent
to be poor,
forgotten by those ignoring
across their shore

Imagine you have capacity
but refuse
to feed your roots,
while famine and pandemics
leech crops
the wealthy loot

Imagine you are struggling
climbing valleys
toward respect,
but instead of a safety net
the rope's tied
around your neck

Imagine you're unlucky
and the subject
of a verse,
imagine for a moment
you were a casualty
of this curse







If you pause
for a bit
you’re now behind,
as sprinters
lap joggers
a thousand times

The importance of speed
is savagely rabid,
where repeated codes
let us express
less elaborate

Long form is dying
in a riot of replies,
as birds pursue buzz
for mentions
and allies

The past had cycles
sprawled in pages,
not rumor infernos
that char
with its blazes

Opinion was poured
from the filter of a few,
then keys became turnstiles
for the novice
to blitz through

The burden of truth
is obscured on flat screens,
where context is bound
by what it all means

We are directors
in a disordered scene,
spinning sagas
in wild theaters unseen

Fresh techniques
unleash crumbs
for consumption,
in binges of data
with no sustainable function

Louder is the gospel
we amplify at will,
with transmissions of merit
in the spheres that may fill






Wasted Wisdom

Shelves contain volumes
of advice
for the confused,
where dust buries treasures
of wisdom unused

Every question's been asked
and answered with flair,
as text
congests sections
like guests at an affair

Insight ingests details
of theories and results,
as authors build monuments
for observers
it consults

It's that curious connection
where magic takes place,
in the bending odyssey
of infinite space

But these chronicles
should carry some doubt-
as they were written
by humans
with reflections drawn out

Perceived winners
shape history
vague with their fairness,
penning revenge
with a brush
that is careless

With separation and humility
ancient words can endure,
and while some
provide blueprints
the rest become lore

There's no way to recount
every tangle
in this world,
so we shouldn't rely
on tradition unfurled

Those brilliantly distinct
and ahead of their time,
will find endless lovers
who’ll covet their wine

We’ll marvel
at their talent
though periods may change,
by an emphasis of boldness
how language was arranged

The power of these words
weighs heavy on us all,
whether wisdom is cherished
or dissolves
as thoughts fall






Thirty-Five Stories

Thirty-five stories
with one for each floor,
from the vanity
of the penthouse,
to the immigrants
at the door

In this thick urban forest
the buildings don't shade,
they keep cursory soldiers
in a status crusade

Mobs are dense
in this synthesized zoo,
glancing while passing,
deeming verdicts on you

The sections and boroughs
flaunt obnoxious their worth,
as if blocks were a culture
in this lottery of birth

The constant construction
decays as it grows,
and if you ask
if it's noticeable,
I assure you,
it shows

There's a hustle
on the grid
where venture plays,
as signs corral numbness
in this overpriced maze

The options are plenty
in the saturations
of sight-
a wash of false quality
that stays open
all night

Fidelity Bled

They'd listen to each other
and then music at night,
they'd stoke a slow fire
and wait patient for the light

In moments sincere
they'd study and observe,
admiring the angles
of soft curves

Their affection was honest
with emotion immense,
as they built a life
for themselves
among all that made sense

But trust became tattered
by defiance and will,
when fidelity bled
by each promise unfilled

The spiral turned slick
with a veneer of resent,
as they'd vent with regret
each breath less they'd relent

The boil drowned love songs
and the sparks of a fuse,
when they stopped
listening to music
that on better days would amuse

And after some time
this union was broke,
wishing the best for each other
the last time they spoke

Arranged notes
that held meaning
composed darkness inside,
in a state of recovery
stretching thin over time

This spell of remorse
seemed to somehow survive,
until a new love
would hopefully arrive

When that day came
a new orchestra blared,
and they listened as one
in a lifetime they shared






Adding the D

It's a stressed situation
in the changing of tense,
as an epilogue
is written
after a run of events

From love to loved
is a harsh distance
in life,
whether a lover
or friend,
a husband or wife

The form isn't realized
until you’re forced to accept,
that all you have left
are decisions
and regret

Subtle cues invoke
a need to reminisce,
recalling their warmth,
their laugh,
or their kiss

We embody these remnants
as prisoners to our past,
from the genesis of trouble
to the last inquiry

Misery and its venom
paralyzed poise
to move on,
as poison was the victor
and reason they're gone

Anyone who's loved
wears that marker
in their soul-
a gravestone that’s visited
beyond when bells toll






A Series Still Remains

When all becomes what was
and you're damaged by defeat,
the battle you waged daily
engulfs a lover's grief

Memories will not flourish
but a series still remains,
where aches of recent history
mute as sorrow wanes

Though albums
have less pictures
and frames have been replaced,
their essence is a specter
haunting frequent
in this space

Artifacts are archived
in a warehouse
locked away,
except for all the relics
you're reminded of
each day

Months of renovation
build wounds into resolve,
as forgiveness
comes in focus
to face problems
still unsolved

And after lingering drama
finds its way to peace,
you’ll cherish
each new morning
without demons to appease






The Reappearing Show

Hiding sadness
is like putting on a play,
and once awake
is a performance

Players join
an elaborate charade,
unaware of
how this back story
was made

There is no admission
to those who would listen,
because they are the problem
and real source
of what's missing

From whispers
the critiques dance around,
as opinions and assumptions

So this run of shows
comes and goes,
with an ending date
no one knows

And as the curtain draws
on the night's routine,
its author relives
each painful scene






Shadows Fall

When do we stop paying
for our sins,
is it after time
or acceptance
when the healing begins

How do we move on
past the pain,
and do scars
contain toxins
of the blame

Where on the bridge
do shadows fall,
is it in the moonlight
where nightfall
hides them all

Why on the road
do we often drift,
from the innocent distance
of our mother's kiss

Who in their travels
avoids regret,
it comes with living
by the tables we set

What is the course
for clean release,
and can it last,
or will the joy it brings
be brief






With Courage They Rise

The tethers alone
may fracture each bone
but they trigger the marrow
to move forward

The reckoning that exists
in composure and risk
pours harder than tears
from true grief

Their depths of desire
are sprints on a wire
that terrify the timid
by its height

Prospects are flash points
aimed for like map points
with a craving that flirts
on obsession

Their essence is rare
in feats they may dare
pushing limits
past previous standard

With courage they rise
by the focus of eyes
past sane comprehension

The ensuing success
attracts more they obsess
for perfection
they may never reach






The If Factor

If you break,
if you're broken,
just survive,
if you wake,
if you've woken,
you're alive

If you fell,
if you've fallen,
you must climb,
if you rise,
if you've risen,
you will shine

If you want,
if you've wanted,
you know lust,
if you give,
if you've given,
you own trust

If you lie,
if you've lied,
you spread deceit,
if you confess,
if you've confessed,
you embrace defeat

If you write,
if you've written,
you duel pain,
if you read,
if you're reading,
you feel the same

If you hate,
if you've been hated,
you’re not alone,
if you love,
or have been loved,
you found home






Immersion Therapy

Something happens
creating fragments
to collect,
and the only option
it seems
is to reflect

Thrown from a zenith
where mountains peaked,
a summit now sinks
in depression's seat

Concealing strife
skips ills on delay,
as does deafness
to amnesty you betray

A recovery commences
with immersion in caring,
for who softened the fall
of weight
you were bearing

Drain effort on others
even if they wouldn't for you,
by getting lost within giving
as an escape
to pass through

With the turmoil of heartache
not a hinder
at the moment,
you are free to advance
on an avenue
of atonement

Ignore pitfalls and tokens
that lead to old pain,
they're just vagrants and villains
you've yet to arraign

Swim deep inside passion
after you willingly dive
into a process
of progress
that ensures you’ll survive






Saviors and Architects

We are to another
what the other lacks-
an ally cementing
the chasm amid gaps

At points we're an audience
for adversity parades,
extending our empathy
until their issue fades

When needed we're a teacher
patient with our song,
guiding with kindness
while sentiments carry on

To opponents we’re crucial-
a force to overcome,
and a presence of purpose
beside lines we may run

As friends we are partners
with unbreakable bonds,
and a spotlight that outlines
where landings belong

Among family we are soil
that soaks up the sun,
swelling a loyalty
to grow organic as one

For lovers we are the universe
and every detail in between,
we are saviors and architects
where their dreams convene






The Passage Sees Light

There is a site
that's hard to reach,
it requires exploring
where endings meet

Deterrents build barracks
for legions of fear,
forcing travelers 'round structures
raising gates as they near

The road and its lessons
temper over time,
knowing the length,
each corner and its wind

When the passage sees light
and a hope that's ahead,
apprehension lets go
the panic it bred

Everything that matters
is a strength in their eyes,
a prime sign of arrival
and promise in their lives









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