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And then
in a moment of clarity,
a simple truth
became clear

Like the snap of two fingers,
or the igniting friction
of a match,
a motive of humanity appeared

I could hear the discussion perfectly;
not the one between myself
and the early morning,
but the conversation
between instinct and logic

It made sense,
as if it were some complex problem
that needed only a moment
of distance and reflection
to be solved

From this insight
a strong sense of serenity
put my weary soul
at ease

Life was no longer
as daunting as the ocean deep,
but within reach
of coherence and happiness

The first time this notion
was verbally repeated
to the bathroom mirror,
I imagine it was
as pure and strong
as a husband telling his bride
after fifty years
‘I love you’

The only other set of eyes-
a reflection in the mirror,
saw determination
conjure revelation;

The most anyone could ever want
is to know what they want

True desire knows
no moral or social law,
only instinct for survival
from one moment
to the next

And a shame it is
that some never wish to find
what they want,
because they are dying each day
with restricting fear

The fear that things
will not work out
consumes like that daunting ocean
onto the shores of insecurity

The most anyone
could ever want
is to know what they want,
and explore what that means to them

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