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The Light

The years,
they pass,
and make a life,
from a darkness
into the light

Joy is a fleet
of fleeting sails,
coasting on shores
the moonlight veils

Floating in waves
and on crests,
riding flows
without mercy
or rest

Composed drifts
calm manic fear,
granting strength
any saint
would revere

The light’s journey
drives prisms
to shine,
coloring dreams
aspirations define

Any Moment

It’ll arrive
without warning;
a moment
when stories
reach their pivot

An achievement,
a loss,
discovery or an end
drown awareness,
if not then,
over time

Thousands of days
are whittled
to a snapshot,
slowly molding
impending regret

These flashes recalled
shall evolve, 
by the modest nature
of reflection 
and context

What is learned
carves decisions
and detours,
on a highway
traveled cautious
but firm

Wake up,
and look around,
any moment
may start
the rest of your life

Embracing Logic

Convergence prompts emergence
of a poignant event,
a time and place
where energy is spent

Seizing what’s mystic
and bottling space,
offers a source
of infinite grace

A sequential distance
parallels cause,
embracing logic
and binding all laws

At this very corner,
in this present state,
breathes a language
the bold translate

Beliefs may be questioned
by setbacks and pain,
while the tolerant teach
in verse and refrain

Those ready celebrate
prospects here,
meeting perils
in strides without fear

A struck match
kindles by its sparks,
from true marks
recognized as starts






Grow Apart

The air has rules
gravity controls,
with varying directions
as a person grows

Paths in the garden
climb for so long,
as fences suggest
where boundaries belong

The grains of life
spread among fields,
providing shelter
for fruit and its yields

Those guiding roots
to points we arrive
can mostly corrode
yet somehow survive

Memories feed vines
with a call,
catching drops
from canopies tall

Maturing ventures
induce a far sky,
but distance is bridged
the moment you try






Open Heart Surge

On tender fronts
lovers meet for war,
strong with reasons
but they stand
still unsure

Loyalty withers
with cries
as strikes pound,
in wide rifts
has found

No plasma spills
at a surge
in the heart,
just toxins
tearing arteries apart

The strategies are vicious
in the aftermath
of lies,
lusting fidelity,
partly paralyzed

The taste of torment
are blisters
in their minds,
where eclipses spread
until emptiness blinds






Comforting Peace

Clear in thought
with a tranquil mind,
no longer solo
decaying through time

Virtue is found
in a collective laugh-
a perfect freedom
they naturally have

Connections and kinetics
trace delicate nights,
cementing foundations
above petty fights

The warmth within looks
draws intimate guides,
like trails in a forest
or lamps inside mines

A comforting peace
steers at high rates,
ushering affinity
if sanity escapes

Both never stronger
or empty of fear,
as the only concern
is not cherishing each year

Clear in thought
with a tranquil mind,
safe from it all
in a life intertwined






Sweet Spot

Above her breasts,
below her neck, 
is where his fingers
now caress
The softest contour
that is her chest-
a canyon floor
amid east and west
Light to the touch,
smooth on the tips,
a sensual balance
between eyes and her hips

A leading sign
that accents her dress,
fashioning intrigue
for what comes next
Bare in view,
teasing what’s hidden,
injecting obsession
if permission is given






Human Brace

They work and evolve
for the good of us all,
and that is why
we can’t let them fall

Life brings darkness
and artists need light,
we must secure cover
when tensions draw tight

A radiant glow
begs patience and care,
as they’ll attempt flights
most wouldn’t dare

Barriers they’ll break, 
conventions they’ll crash,
and from what is destroyed
come pillars of ash

Restraints don’t stunt
to those who create,
because boxes are illusions
shifting in space

But struggles stay battles
without our support,
as fortunes of energy
minus promise are short

Havens we guard
are a brace for protection,
where venues encourage
beautiful invention







The power of truth
lives inside artists,
when pushed
they rally motion
for accord

Endeavors call
for illumination,
lasering focus
for the welfare
of the civilized

Complex concepts
are conflicts sought,
forging artillery
to release
when ready

Their message is a mantra
scoring impact,
as an indent
by a song
in barren hearts

Seconds are agony
when not exploring,
hunting notions
through scaling
the next range

Travel finds them
submerging into life,
wandering broadly
on refined mesas
for viewpoints

They counter rules,
don’t write laws,
but row fierce-
as Creaticians
in the rivers
of our souls

There’s revival
in a pause
of rushing loops,
where imagination
restores understanding

The instigators
blend quiet
to elevations,
knowing purpose
is collected
in open rooms

Debate awakens
uniting crowds
aligning chaos,
weaving sacred
amid a universe
full of signs








Mad as Thunder

One day
the people will revolt,
to recover
what was stolen
from hope

The frustration started
as officials ignored facts,
advancing hype
barked wild in attacks

Snipers succeeded
with dazed prey
in its traps,
as a vigilance
to sift noise

Constant strain
deformed gridlock
to a lot,
with parties too stubborn
to give service
another shot

That was the basis
for two bands
to build strong,
one were the brokers,
their rival;
those wronged

Indifference for knowledge
and apathy of the process
endorsed few with authority
while the rest
were held hostage

The delegated burned Rome
with a chain of decisions,
gutting freedom
by a thousand incisions

These slices
spread a virus
in our spirit,
and since the powerful
checked waves
the beaten could barely hear it

It was a grim era
for this union-
divided and controlled,
and though some brewed fury,
most welcomed
what they were told

Static became the message
and directive
for the masses,
where speakers preached
to disgruntled classes

Rights earned
and penned through pain,
now subsidized citizens
from their stake
in the game

The vested assumed customers
would stay engaged
in the arrangement,
promoting distractions
to persuade disengagement

The arrogant were ignorant
to a wrath
swelling beneath,
it was slow
but surfacing
in a shared disbelief

There was no leader
to tear down,
just a symbol of their goals-
a transparent flag
tied tight
to rough poles

They desired a society
of integrity
and not greed,
where we worked together
to achieve what we need

They wanted ethics
in every election,
by negating campaigning
for influence collection

Among the early
who adopted
approach of this direction,
came a pledge of patience
during the insurrection

Non-violence was the method
in clashes
they couldn’t win,
a rebellion would spring
as the revolution
would begin

Though the crowd was angry,
mad as thunder
in the night,
discipline would guide them
each turn
in this fight

The resolute declared
to take back
what was seized,
to govern themselves
in a system
of belief

When the duel went low,
gutters were cleaned,
ideals were defended
when raided
by a fiend

Idle threats weren’t made,
only promise
to the task-
a return of order
where justice could last...






Roots Reborn

We are roots
for the future
in plots sprouting vast,
where defiance ensures
tyrants won’t last

Spires from fibers
ask urgency of the sun,
wrestling the rhythm
of an enemy’s drum

When terrain is breached
feats are crushed by the spin,
so righteous messengers
separate deeds
from the sin

Trunks become towers
parting as they shade,
while asylum is swayed
by hostilities waged

As seasons age limbs,
change rushes through,
there’s a fall,
then a rebirth,
that always feels new

All this in the face
of machines
and their blades,
where safaris
are polluted by parades

Stumps that sustain
with roots still intact,
concentrate passion
to play out the next act






This is the Day

Carnage, drugs, desperation, rage
this is the day
we turn the page

Power,  bribery, scandal, corruption
this is the day
we refuse seduction

Aggression, pettiness, sermons, pain
this is the day
we praise the sane

Genocide, cowardice, attrition, war
this is the day
we widen our door

Bias, slurs, malice, fear
this is the day
we draw dignity near

Bullying, lying, panic, ego
this is the day
we temper evil

Plotting, dissecting, baiting, division
this is the day
we reject this vision

Cheating, mocking, insults, claims
this is the day
we rise above blame

Intolerance, resentment, inequity, delay
this is the day
we drive abuse away

Cruelty, hysteria, pandering, greed
this is the day
we begin to lead






Fear Engineered

Allegations from cowards
will destroy this place,
with a fear engineered  
out of negative space

Progress weeds thorns
in bias walks,
slashing pastures
from seeds to its stalk

Preying on prayers
is gospel for the day,
in a shower of pesticide
spit vile in a fray

A spun symphony
is a harmony without voice,
in growls of bitterness
from the option of choice

Concern crafts emotion
with venom unleashed,
thirsting for flesh
so hate can feast

In combats of gossip
civility is the victim,
as recruits fan a lie
someone might trick them

Through osmosis it’s stressed
a neighbor’s not friend,
in a discord devised
by the weakness of men






Full Hangars

A pit stop
is a big top
for a grand show,
in a crooked pageant
that charms
with each blow

In hangars they hang on
to tough words;
crass policy
without compassion
for who it hurts

A roar from the crowd
in cheap attacks,
cheered rabid
in a gratitude of hacks

The mob bursts
in jeers of raged thoughts,
loading up
by the sound
of swift shots

Dividing the I
from the us,
feeds the ego
like drugs in a rush

Soon after a blitz
the flight is gone,
off to stir pots
and point out what’s wrong

A loud plane
ascends in the distance,
above patrons
and the call for resistance






Greed, Guns and Grief

It’s a cold world
despite the heat,
with boundless greed,
guns and grief

Shots are fired,
now there’s blood
on the walls,
alarms are rampant
in heavy sighs
and calls

A plea from a parent,
a story of survival,
join a chorus
like zealots at a revival

Another occasion
to reapply disgust,
and the latest account
to reload distrust

All persist
with a shortage of guilt,
where inaction
plagues towns
as caskets are filled

Purchased officials
send thoughts and prayers,
then bow to backers
and purveyors of slayers

Mental health
is the thesis on repeat,
when servants solicit
to keep safe their seat

Both sides dance
around reality and statistics,
ignoring outlines
of motives and logistics

Merchants dissuade
to initiate change,
yet narrow gaps
between the righteous
and deranged

There must be strategy
in aim to recalibrate,
when fake patriots
persecute and retaliate

So Emmas’ and Davids’
chart moves for changes,
waging crusades
with passion on stages

Marches are joined,
speeches are made,
politicians observe,
and momentum fades

The hope is for no more,
but there will be,
in casualty counts
of a new spree

What happens when
this effort fails-
votes may increase
along with weapon sales

Tragedy triggers hoarders
to stock munitions,
as if anarchy is here
in martial conditions

These assaults weaponize
ferocious defenders,
using a charter
as armor
in verdicts rendered

Critics rail
about infringement
of rights,
while public places
place us
in their sights

So your daddy had one
or you slaughter for sport,
the safety of children
should warrant support

Officers on fields
should carry to protect,
not civil beings
or the cattle we elect

Bullets tear flesh
and wound congress,
tempting vigils
every day
without progress






Body Count

How many bodies 
must it take-
for action
in a movement
that won’t break

Head counts
and hands joined
for a reason,
wilt only
when renounced
in appeasement

Intentions splinter;
see history for proof,
as organized people
can’t seem
to hold truth

There is shame
to rewrite
what’s failed,
but inaction
impairs articles assailed

Politics are sport
craving blood,
some rebel
while the faint
ride out the flood

How many destinies
must be robbed
for retraction-
of branches fractured
by the pull
of two factions

Dulling suffering
in methods
of addiction,
prescribe issues
for a terrorizing mission

Indulgence brings torture
over healing,
with tombs set
and skies
without ceiling

This lie spreads stronger
by each death,
as attention succumbs
with last breaths

How many tolls
of disaster
must endure
for science
to be trusted as pure

Stark havoc
lands merciless
where it pleases,
yet too many
are the opposite
of believers

The atmosphere punches
in potent rages,
showing deniers
an example
for the ages

Water is toxic,
though the issue
dims for most,
with an interior prey
to whims
of the coasts

These genocides
whether obvious
or hidden,
bid correction
beyond obituaries written

The census
in our nature
demands audit,
so we seek answers,
the reasons,
and how to stop it






As All Unravels

A country dies
absent mercy
in its laws,
as unjust tragedies
shine spotlights on flaws

Denying who matters
arranges rows
that divide,
as if devotion for tolerance
should yield a force
on each side

As all unravels
on the streets
of the wronged,
abuse insists
the dissent is prolonged

There’s a stop
and a shakedown
of suspicion,
for quotas,
a presumption
or religion

Protocols start
and a chase
becomes a hit,
the dead aren’t angels
but not deserving of this

spurs cowboys
into mavericks,
blaming actions
on a passion
for tactics

Rationale wears thin
after initial rounds;
distrust is not an invite
to lethal grounds

On the front lines
where the aggressive
elude the brave,
trust is disputed
by a surplus of graves

Treating citizens
as enemies
and a threat,
blur examples
of sacrifice cops set

Precincts of codes
and stone walls,
protect bureaus
for service if it calls

Then come trials
in a system of defense,
that somehow
justifies the arrest

Riots commence
feeling an absence
of what to do,
these are murders
and sadly nothing new

Cities burn
by the ire of the weak, 
because if they can’t breathe
then no one
hears them speak






In the Event Heroes Fail

Odds may stack, 
then crash,
with harmony
a memory passed

Shielded existence
of persistence clutched,
tears too easy
in hands corrupt

In the event
heroes fail,
we cannot relent,
we cannot bail

We must defend
our solemn creeds,
for honor
and not petty greed

If agents place
vices first,
blocks will swing
in support reversed

We’ll labor as one
united by cause,
shedding weight
exposed in flaws

Warriors born
from hurt and poise,
know the hues
of truth and ploys

Coalitions bind
by fusing ends,
shaping a voyage,
fluid as it bends



When trust is gone
it’s hard to return,
like a bridge
in blazes
you can’t unburn

If unrest
ushers interruption,
the spiral warps
from faith
to corruption

Declared reasons
do little
to shine scars,
bleeding stems
from soil to the stars

A depletion of confidence
is treason
in the air,
as a haze of confusion
clouds an affair

Charred frames
of what housed
a bond,
provide warning
of what deceit
can spawn

To rewind
bears echo
of what was,
lying is fire
and destruction
is what it does






Arrows on Charts

At every turn
was a chance to go,
an exit from the crush-
into the unknown

Decisions are easy
if choices are few,
but abandoning comfort
is a solution
to sift through

Years of allegiance
can erode
over time,
with positions redrawn,
harsh with each line

A compass is conflicted
at a crossroad
of options,
with arrows on charts
and mazes
to get lost in

From advice
and instinct
looms a path-
it’s a detour,
to a redesigned map

Descent may be freedom
from environments escaped,
in a prelude
to an odyssey
with fortitude displayed






Need to Run

Need to run
but not to race,
need to run
to master pace

Need to run
but not in place,
need to run
but not from mistakes

Need to run
but not for health,
need to run
but not chase wealth

Need to run
to nurture progress,
need to run
but not for congress

Need to run
but not toward ladders,
need to run
for what truly matters

Need to run
to salvage pride,
need to run
to enjoy this ride

Need to run
to connect with people,
need to run
to quiet evil

Need to run
but not move back, 
need to run
to curve a track

Need to run
for selfish reasons,
need to run
but never leaving

Need to run
to heal this soul,
need to run
to reclaim control

Need to run
but not to win, 
need to run
to begin again






Self Sedition

Sabotaging thoughts
saturate my head
of swirling scenarios
and outcomes to dread

Ideas launch rafts
into space,
where slammed buttons
reset points in a race

I’m wise, so I’ll prevail
and tough as I endure,
but the rushing tides
make me unsure

I know a few tricks,
and will use them when needed
to keep fresh wounds
dressed if they’re bleeding

An impasse of valor
is met with resolve,
knowing stagnation
is the case when lives stall

I lean on my circle
for banks of support,
investing in allies
I have to afford

A year from this place
could bring laughter of doubts
or regret of decisions
and how they played out






Non-Lethal Wounds

If failure doesn’t kill
live to beat it,
with the strength of experience
to defeat it

Loss is an outcome
to understand-
you can’t prepare
for something unplanned

Where ridges soar
to lonely heights,
quests emerge
of required flights

Agile resilience
from a frantic time
competes with stress
for peace of mind

A taxing twist
diverging trips
forces focus
to fortify grips

Strides through crisis
injuring will,
feed capacity
failure can’t kill







enjoy success for a moment,
then move on

Draft and construct
then create some more,
until a ceiling
becomes your floor

Censor caution
and abolish limits-
small measures
are for the timid

Find yourself
through pointed aim,
not in error,
and never in gain

A process molds
impassioned drive,
slowing cynics
from deep inside

Signals to quit
protest like sirens,
learn to listen,
but embrace the silence

Channels made
from frail misfortune,
lure your breath
in pride extortion

What breaks us
is what lets us rise,
just as truth
defines who lies

Accept events
that brings you here;
to ease or fury
with an essence clear

Be strong, be open
and unconfined,
hustle with design...






What Doesn’t Matter

If you believe in something
and to you
it’s truth,
what doesn’t matter
is the burden of proof

Others might doubt you,
even mock your aims,
but that says
more about them
than any of your claims

Courage is contending
unafraid of critique,
ignoring those shallow
and a validation
they seek

Humility is essential,
but submission is not,
as wisdom is crafted
from exploration
of thought

Standing sturdy
when rattled
is a high when they’re low,
as only you are in charge
of where you won’t go

If you fall or fade,
collect breaths
and reset,
provoke comprehension
that circulates regret

No violence is vital-
it collapses equations,
pilot your divisions
between frenzy
and patience

In the end
you’ll succeed
through conviction,
by knowing what matters
and not accepting
their fiction

After Shock

Post fraud,
and greed,
where will we go
and who will lead

When what is truth
is a topic discussed,
the brink of ruin
is an edge
that’s brushed

If the unbelievable
is reasonable and frequent,
discussions default
to links delinquent

Mistrust is impulse
for grifters it assists,
as counterfeit hints
help pillagers persist

Spilled thoughts
spark drama in estates,
by careless charges
spewed steady
to bait

Cues press clans
to push back, 
urging gossip
with no appetite
for the facts

Conjured incidents
grip cycles and pages,
selling a circus
to distract
from stale wages

Thresholds devolve
with traditions burned,
raising tensions
from what a clown discerns

This era will
be remembered
by its dusk;
a passing darkness
in the shadows
of trust

We give, they take
in the shelling
of our spirit-
after shock
when the vulnerable
will feel it







Forces implore us
to publicize our private,
streaming a river
of narcissism that’s stylish

Forces reduce us
to useless end-users,
in coils we’re collected
across digital unions

Forces contort us
to distort simple choices,
powerful yet voiceless
as combatants act boisterous

Forces enrage us
to take refuge in pages,
with context shrinking
in cartels of stages

Forces coerce us
from vaults to movements,
in compiling concerns
or rallying the disillusioned

Forces outsource us
crossing seas to cut lines,
bottoming a balance
to tilt tops of the times

Forces divorce us
for games of fixed races,
riding polls and swings
inside battleground spaces

Forces exploit us
for converted restraint,
measuring an impact
by the lack of debate

Forces force us
to divert off our courses,
in a con for followers
through an elegant performance






Cost Defective

With ambition for profit
there’s loss of what’s pure,
greed is a disease
few want to cure

Mass exploitation
for stacks
and for margins,
strips limits
during downturns
and bargains

Battered units
are churned without care
for the prosperity
of the fiscal year

Spreading thin
swells risk of leverage,
purging industry
for investors’ pledges

Ethics are bypassed
to gain more,
scorching plains
from the sky to the core

Coded formulas
color cells gauging balance,
pricing values
in declarations of talents

Esteemed staff
are tagged void
by their wages,
so the trusted
are whittled in stages

While insecure captains
helm ships toward a doom,
they collapse trust
and lose support
of the room

Setting targets
heists morale
from cohesion,
if tough economics
purge logic from reason

Enterprise attracts
nodding heads,
accepting rhetoric
despite the message it sends

Merged measures
stain schemes of pursuit,
slanting scenes
so insiders can loot
This trade off
floods fronts
with lost herds,
surfing currents
administrations defer

There is exile
among laboring trees,
they’ll pick and sell you
like fruit that hands seize

The players become wine,
while the rest
dry in the sun;
with no raises for raisins
on vines filling funds






Excess Denied

A crystal castle
with a diamond door,
golden trim
and a platinum floor

Countries are clubs
where access is privilege,
is this done for vanity
or the good of the village

The driveway is far
from the black of the street,
and only with security
do the two ever meet

Hedges scale tall
for private domain,
securing a coldness
and concealing a pain

Oppression is broad,
stunting resistance,
in a decree from the top
for dissolving persistence

Idols are promoted
for mobs to admire,
so deceivers can sling
agendas of liars

Institutions decline
as systems are poisoned,
when rackets spread quick
in appointments anointed

In a crippled capitol
with chambers of law,
miners fill lobbies
until walls are chipped raw

Liberties crumble
for the excess of a few,
denying the rights
long granted to you






The Skeptics and  The Believers

A scientist argues with a congregation,
one preaches theory,
the other elevation

A warlord smirks envious at a saint;
two soldiers
through faith and fate

A doctor compares notes with a dealer,
both treat misery
as a temporary healer

A journalist competes with a pundit,
setting a narrative
so operations are funded

An athlete is critiqued from a seat,
ignoring the sacrifice
in opposing defeat

A leader battles the corrupt,
decimating borders
the obstructer constructs

A hero finds purpose in a villain,
pursuing missions
by the wishes of the willing






World Wide We

Zeros and ones
in a digital parade
expand the arena
curiosity has made

It is rare to exist
in one sphere of persona;
we glow via pixels
in a clouded corona

There’s enrollment
to a collection of tribes,
sketching style
of how to live lives

Social then hidden
for the sake of position,
reaching for traction
in tirades of fission

There is swiping
in sequence for envy,
sharing life
as much as it can be

This race for reaction
is a crowded sport,
stoking boasts
by apostles of support

Reports break
and speed into sights,
in an outrage
of trivial gripes

Episodes are tailored
to rev up metrics,
crashing forums
filled with eccentrics

Real is claimed faked
if it flows against message,
as if evidence is enemy
when vetted or tested

In these coves
bounce reinforced beliefs,
blurring reality
by satellites of a feed

New advances
sketch orbits inexact,
in soft webs
that forever entrap






Fuck These Numbers

Wholesale and retail
import worship of detail,
where success taxes things
that aren’t real

Corporations aren’t people
and don’t care who you are,
they’ll pitch you as hard
as profits require

Cataloged investments
bleed on a sheet,
where brackets gas idols
hijacked by the elite

Prisons house circuits
that never let go,
where fees from offenders
finance the show

Hospitals serve us
as their marks,
stacking paper
of costs in the dark

Education saddles students
with long debt,
endowing courses
careers must offset

Brittle systems
veer without say,
skewed as we’re screwed
every minute of each day

Surveys determine
angles for a cause,
employing correlation,
for prejudice laws

While deficits and curves
appraise worth,
none of it matters
in a carriage or hearse

Aging and reflex
swap purpose for pain,
fuck these numbers
and the constraints they contain

What helps us shine
has no value to grasp;
love, passion,
respect and class

Take your metrics,
that blueprints erect,
for a hundred monuments
the conservative perfect

Live for your circle
and not by equations,
cherish what’s around you-
the undefined and amazing











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